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COVID19 and Viral protection at NVIS

It is important to note at the time of writing, Wednesday 27 October 2020, that Qatar has performed extremely well in containing the spread of Covid 19. We are confident that Qatar will continue vigilantly maintaining this stance. Therefore, we are anticipating that at the time of opening and beyond that existing Covid 19 preventative measures will continue to be the norm. We will adhere to all MoPH protocols, including the insistence for all parents, visitors and pupils aged 12 and over to produce a green Ehteraz status reading on their mobile phones. All NVIS staff will have been tested for Covid 19 prior to any pupils coming to school. Clear signage will be installed for all to see the reminders about cleaning hands regularly, social distancing and to follow movement protocols while at school.

Deep cleaning will take place before the school day begins each day. And, during the school day, common passageways, handrails and doorknobs will be cleaned hourly. Please be assured that we do not take a passive approach to Covid 19 and we are not prepared to let our guard down or compromise your children’s safety in any way.

Please be reminded that until further notice, there can be no sharing of belongings, food or school resources to limit the handling of items and possible spread of the virus. Grades 1 and above may still have to come to school every other day. We certainly hope that this pandemic will be more of a thing in the past, but we are planning to carry on as status quo as of today.