School Vision

At Northview International our vision is to become a leading international school that provides a foundation to the community, centred around kindness, educating children with the necessary skills to equip them for the employability challenges they will face in the decades to come and supporting staff in delivering 21 Century learning platforms with the latest pedagogy.

Thoughtful design

From the moment we began designing the building at Northview we have had child safety at the very fore of our thinking. In September 2022 we will be opening a school that has been designed with a focus on our children’s safety, learning, and environment. Please enjoy a school tour here before coming to see the school visitor centre in January.

School tour

As the building of Northview International School grows out of the ground we rely heavily on the amazing world of technology to provide us with life-like realistic fly-through tours of our amazing campus. Join our early 3D visualizations to get a feel for the amazing space we are building the heart of the community.

Take a virtual tour
Our School
Meet The Principal

Sheldon Smith

Welcome to Northview International!

Having served the education sector in Qatar for the past 12 years (Al Khor International School and Al Jazeera Academy respectively), I am confident my knowledge of local and international culture will enable me to be an asset to the Northview International School community. Both schools have served as ‘experience gateways’ into understanding both Qatari pupils and expat pupils from Western, Asian and Arab-speaking nations.

We look forward to welcoming you into our community.

COVID 19 and Viral Protection

At Northview International, our¬†school is a purpose-built education facility designed with Artemis Education’s exacting standard. Above all, the health and safety of our children, teachers, and parents is paramount, nevermore so, than in this day and age when virus transmittal is a buzz word in all walks of life. COVID19 has changed the way we operate, and our Virus Protection policies will be reviewed throughout this rapidly changing situation.

Our Family

Artemis Education and Northview International School believe in family values and that the underpinnings of our school ethos is grounded in kindness at the core of everything we do. Artemis Education has a long-established heritage of operating at the very forefront of education in Qatar. Now with Northview International School, Artemis Education is able to bring families together into a world-class education platform for the community.