The Sports Hall at Northview
The School Facilities
At NVIS, we have both a multi-purpose hall and a sports hall. We understand the importance of having such facilities. These venues are where pupils develop life-long skills such as:
  • Making rapid decisions
  • Leadership
  • Teamwork and team spirit
  • Getting back up and not giving up
  • Mental agility
  • Finding creative solutions
The multi-purpose hall (MPH) is located on the ground floor. This room is where the younger children gather in the morning to play and converse before their homeroom teachers gather them to bring to their classes. It also serves as the main sports area for the younger children to develop skills used in playing soccer, basketball and many other sports. The MPH is also where pupils are able to showcase their drama skills and bring stories to life that they learn in their classrooms – that’s why you will see stage lighting and theatre props on the stage. For KG and Elementary pupils, the MPH is where they have information sessions called assemblies. This is when they receive recognition for good work, lead information sessions, read poetry, dance and sing. The Sports Hall is located on the first floor. This indoor sports facility is perfect for the Middle and High School students to engage in basketball, soccer, badminton, volleyball and a host of other activities and sports. The Sports Hall also serves as the venue for their assemblies.