Library 1
The School Facilities
The libraries at NVIS are simply state-of-the-art in design and technology. We understand how libraries have changed over the years and therefore, we have purposefully thought of the importance of engaging children’s minds beyond traditional library approaches. Although we will never discount the value of holding the printed page of a good book, we also have a large cache of online resources for everything from research to exploring the virtual universe. Pupils have access to research stations, tiered seating, comfy seating, technology, databases plus fun and other educational activities. The library is a safe place for all pupils to think, create, share and grow. The libraries at NVIS are service centres to the curricula we offer. The libraries help to further engage the minds of the children and are thematic – as the subject topics change so too does the library environment. This way words-of-the-week and displays mirror the content in the classroom.